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Actor, Singer, and Future Rock Star

July 2019


ROXY:  You’re acting for the second time in as many months on stage at Roxy’s Downtown. How was it going from a serious play to this nonsensical musical parody?

KNOWLES:  A huge change of pace, to be blunt. I went from peaceful, quiet, relaxed, blind Bobby in a 3 hour show to a fast paced, upbeat, always moving 1 1/2 hour review. It’s fun to switch it up.

ROXY:  Where do you see yourself in five years?

KNOWLES: Making a living acting and writing, if all goes according to plan! 

ROXY:  You’re a Spider-Man fan, yes? Do you ever see yourself doing Turn Off the Dark?

KNOWLES:  I’m a huge comic fan and I love Spider Man! I wanted to be a part of Turn Off the Dark, but after seeing how it went, I’m a little nervous to try it!

ROXY:  Who would be your ultimate Mary Jane?

KNOWLES:  In my life, I’ve not quite found my Mary Jane, so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for one. She’s out there somewhere…

ROXY:  Be honest with your answers… and no cheating… tell me if you know who Elaine Stritch, Raul Julia, Michael Crawford, and Lauren Bacall are.

KNOWLES:  They’re famous actors and actresses! (Thanks for teaching me, Rick, Shaun, & Jon!)

ROXY:  Tell us 5 things most people don’t know about Seth.

KNOWLES:  1) I’m very accident prone: I’ve broken bones, been in crashes… it’s been rough.

2) I want to be a rock star at some point. I’ve been in a few bands.

3) I used to race motocross and play football thorough high school.

4) I’ve always wanted a Siberian husky or a Malamute puppy to raise.

5) I dunno! I’m a huge comic geek, but most people know that.