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Actor, Singer, and a One-Boy Parade

February 2019


ROXY:  Rumor on the street has it that you come from a long linage of actors and that you are actually a-kind-of acting royalty.  

NOAH:  Hmmm...I'm afraid the lineage begins and ends with me.  Not too many performers in the Noah clan (or extended family).

ROXY:  Well then, I suppose there is no royal-family-theatre crest hanging in your living-room.  Do you still try to stay humble being the alpha and omega of the Noah Acting Clan?

NOAH:  Of COURSE I prefer to stay humble! Fellow actors often remind me the only royalty associated with me is the royal pain-in-the-@$*# I am!  

ROXY:  Language, Scott.  How old were you when you were first on stage? 

NOAH: My first role was in the 3rd grade.  

ROXY:  What was the role?

NOAH:  I was the "Japanese Juggler Man."  

ROXY:  Do you juggle?

NOAH:  I was neither Japanese nor a juggler. 

ROXY:  Surely there is a segue here somewhere… maybe not ....  Was there a cast-mate you either hated or loved?

NOAH:  I did have a secret crush on Meredith Rowley.  She will be THRILLED to read THAT!

ROXY:  We will be sure to send her a note.  Back to you. You are originally from Valley Center.  Describe for us a typical day in the life of a young Scott Noah in Valley Center.

NOAH:  Things moved pretty slowly in VC back then, and, of course, I was a weird child.  

ROXY:  Oh, I don’t know if it can get much weirder than a little white boy as a Japanese Juggler Man but give it a shot.

NOAH:  I was probably dressing up a dog, putting on a puppet show (for myself), or organizing a parade down my street (for myself and BY myself...most likely dressed as a butterfly!) 

ROXY:  Ahh.  That explains a lot.  When you left Valley Center for rival city of Bel Aire, was there any fighting between the two cities over you?  I mean, you did organize a one-boy butterfly parade. 

NOAH:  Valley Center and Bel Aire are both quiet, lovely towns.

ROXY:  I am sure both cities will be delighted to hear that, but you hedged… 

NOAH:  The only fighting between them is over who has to KEEP me.  They often try to push it off on Park City.

ROXY:  Shout out to Park City!  So, a little bird says that you hear voices in your head when you read a script.  

NOAH:  I think most actors hear lines in their heads as "voices"...right? Right?!? 

ROXY:  Calm down, Scott, it’s OK.  Have any of them ever suggested something you had to push down deep?

NOAH:  (voice in my head: "Yes.  Now for pete's sake, SHUT UP) 

ROXY:  Not sure if you are asking me or you to shut up…

NOAH:  Most of the voices tell me to get off the stage. Oh, wait.  That's Tom Frye's voice. 

ROXY:  Shout out to Tom Frye!  Can you share with us one of your favorite characters?

NOAH:  A few years ago, I played Clifford Anderson in Forum Theatre's production of DEATHTRAP, opposite Ray Wills. I loved playing a sicko psycho with a deadly streak. Y'know, because most of the time I'm so sweet :)

ROXY:  One-boy butterfly parade is definitely sweet.   You are involved with Kansas Radio Theatre.  Can you share with us one of your favorite ‘behind the scenes’ story that sticks in your head?

NOAH:  I can't say there is any one singular experience, but it has been an absolute joy performing with KRT.  Voice-over and radio work has always fascinated me, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity. Thank you Ray! 

ROXY: Shout out to Ray Wills!  What are the future plans for the radio show?

NOAH:  We continue to plug away and produce great plays, interviews, and special interest stories.  As long as folks continue to tune in, we will keep the fun coming (Saturdays and Sundays on 92.3FM and 10 other stations statewide...check out the Kansas Radio Theatre facebook page for more info and broadcast times.) How's THAT for a shameless plug??

ROXY:  Flagrant shamelessness but I asked for it.  Moving on.  You have a very long and definitive history with Mosely Street Melodrama.  Anybody who has seen a show there knows that ANYTHING can happen on stage.  Forget the antics on stage, share a moment you had with an audience member that sticks with you still?

NOAH:  I will never forget sneaking up on an audience member as the villain. He was eating a lovely piece of cheesecake. 

ROXY:  THAT sticks in your mind?

NOAH:  I startled him so much, he immediately threw up all over the table...Tom Frye will tell you I get that reaction all the time when I act.

ROXY:  Oh, that Tom Frye.  One of your most beloved characters for the Wichita audience is Richard Simmons.  Strangely, both your character and Richard Simmons have not been seen in public at the same time or in the same place together and both Mr. Simmons and your Simmons character have been out of the public eye for awhile, well, there is that TalkShop.Live, but really….  So, fess up. Where is your Secret Simmons Grotto?

NOAH:  It's in a back booth at The Old Mill Tasty Shop.  

ROXY:  Shout out to The Old Mill Tasty Shop!  Seriously, Scott, you know how to plug, don’t ya hon?  Cool, cool.  What are some of your favorite, slickest, crime-fighting aerobic gadgets?

NOAH:  My gadget is a fork with a bit of pie on the tines:  10 reps from plate to mouth. Repeat. Often.

ROXY:  Funny.  If there was a Richard Simmons musical in the works would you be interested?

NOAH:  Sadly, I think Richard is permanently retired...except for the occasional late-night trip to my local Dillons for more pie.

ROXY:  Shout out to… OK, I’m bored.  Moving on.  “Noah”.  The 2014 film starring Russell Crowe. Loved it, hated it?  Hermione is exceptionally moody in the film.  Thoughts?

NOAH:  NEVER assume anything about milk.  

ROXY:  Are we still talking about pie?

NOAH:  I don't think I understood the question....

ROXY:  Point taken.  Share with our audience your most private, secret, go-to snack when watching your most guilty-pleasure television show and do you make it yourself or have it delivered?

NOAH:  Guys Tasty Mix.  The WHOLE bag.  I WISH they delivered.

ROXY:  And the television show….?


ROXY:  Ah.  OK.  Closing night of a run that you absolutely hated or loved, you…. 

NOAH:  Collapse and immediately forget every single line.  These days, I am lucky to hang on to them DURING the run.

ROXY: You are a joy, Scott. Here’s to one-boy butterfly parades!