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What we are all about


To entertain, inform, educate, and support the Wichita and surrounding communities through innovative performances, conscientious educational programming and dedicated event facilities and services.  And, in the process, continuously strive to inspire the community by introducing new sights, sounds, and tastes to celebrate and embrace the diverse beauty of being alive and being awake.

This page provides an overview of each program initiative, our story and our mission.


Brief history

Roxy's Downtown is the next chapter in the space that is 412 1/2 E Douglas, a space that has a long relationship with the downtown scene of Wichita.  

Stories and memories seem to rise up from just about everyone I have met so far in this adventure, from memories of a long past 25cent theatre with a penny arcade and pool hall below where Gallery XII now resides, to The Looking Glass with sound studio above (Big Dog Sound Studios) with Roxy's Downtown cocktail club hosting such rising stars as Harry Connick Jr., to sitting empty for several years with dormant potential until Cabaret Oldtown came into existence in 1992.  Cabaret Oldtown bloomed for 22 wonderful and beloved years before Roxy's took up the torch.  

The Cabaret spirit will always remain in the heart and the soul of Roxy's.

John Hammer, CEO

roxy's Programs


Roxy's Main-Stage productions create our annual season.  Each season brings a blend of Wichita favorites as well as brand new and exciting shows from San Francisco, New York,  Chicago, and even locally & regionally written material to entice and seed a new generation of Wichita Theatre Tradition.

Our Main-Stage season consist of 6 shows per season.  The Christmas show, and certain block-busters, run a minimum of 7 weeks with performances typically every Friday and Saturday, and with select Thursday Evening and Sunday Matinees. 

To learn more, visit our Season Page for 2016.


Roxy's ROX is dedicated to bringing you the finest musicians and bands to our stage, highlighting and supporting authentic music from our city and from abroad.  

ROX keeps you up to date with the "what" the "who" and the "when" of musicians and bands on Roxy's stage, including in-depth interviews, detailed history, and pertinent information on the musicians and bands.

roxy bird

Roxy Bird is a new program about exploring ideas that engage and inspire, giving lift to our imagination and our passion, and fostering a deeper understanding of our craft.  

Through talks, presentations, and workshops, Roxy Bird's mission is to create and curate relevant content to engage, assist, and support our community and its growth in the arts.

With a thoughtful blend of hosted events featuring some of Wichita's leading innovators, and our own original programming, we strive to give flight and support to what is possible.

the unfiltered experiment

Roxy's Unfiltered is an ongoing experiment of the unexpected, the delightful, and the sometimes unabashedly absurd.  

Unfiltered programing can best be described as cabaret theatre, but with a post, post, post, post, post-modernist sensibility, minus a few posts and with a nod and a wink.  NO SELFIES ALLOWED in our Unfiltered Experiment, there are more interesting ways of expressing yourself and more creative ways of engaging others.  Unless, of course, the selfie is the experiment itself.

The Unfiltered Experiment.  Watch for launch announcement very soon and a just-you-wait-to-see Wichita Favorite return to late night.

behind the curtain

Behind the Curtain is a program dedicated to the exploration of the artistic experience through in-depth interviews, documentaries, and photo-essays of Wichita's finest actors, musicians, performers and artists. 

Behind the Curtain is an ongoing series with new content monthly.

Watch for official launch and previewing party announcement soon.

the word muse

The Word Muse is a Roxy & Guest-Writer blog centered on supporting and promoting the art of storytelling and engaging relevant topics centered on the arts and our community.  

The online format is a curated journal of academic writing, original storytelling and playwriting, and thoughtful commentaries on the visual arts local and abroad.  

Look for podcast and live performances to be announced soon.