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Roxy bird

Roxy Bird is a new program about exploring ideas that engage and inspire, giving lift to our imagination and our passion, and fostering a deeper understanding of our craft.  

Through talks, presentations, and workshops, Roxy Bird's mission is to create and curate relevant content to engage and support our community and it's growth in the arts.

With a thoughtful blend of hosted events featuring some of Wichita's leading innovators, and our own original programming, we strive to give flight and support to what is possible.


set scene

a roxy program


Set Scene is a workshop series on innovative and effective scene creation.  

The understanding of what makes a good scene is crucial across the visual art disciplines, from stage and film to concept art for animation and games.

This series of workshops & talks strives to support the art of the director, the performer, and the visual artist or designer.

Each workshop is developed by leading industry professionals with proven practical experience and keen insight into the process.

Set Scene is part of the launch of Roxy's educational program and is set to go live 2018.

Look for program schedule this Summer.


action on stage

a roxy program


Action on Stage is a series of workshops designed to teach and assist with movement of the body on stage and in film.  The three primary focus topics of the live performance workshops are dynamic choreography, believable stage fighting, and making blocking comfortable and natural.  For film we will be offering workshops on acting for animation, body language, and the art of subtleness. 

The workshops are hands-on and practical, giving the participant tools they can actually use for confident presence and action, be it on the stage or in front of a camera, or animating.  

Each workshop is designed to impart the material in clear, understandable, and achievable benchmarks in a condensed timeframe for the busy actor, director, or animator.  These workshops are perfect for those looking to improve or enhance their craft repertoire and for those new to the game.

Action on Stage is in the launch of Roxy's educational program and is set to go live 2018.

Look for program schedule this Summer.



guest programming of wichitalks

Select Dates 2018

What is Wichitalks?

Have you ever wanted to get the pulse of a city? To slice through it and look at a cross section?

Presenters are individuals in Wichita who have a passion to share. They may be business owners, volunteers, or life-hackers. The goal is to teach something of social value and to spread ideas.

  • 20 Slides
  • Each speaker must have 20 slides.
  • 15 Second Auto-Advance
  • Each slide auto-advances after 15 seconds to keep the talk moving.
  • No Pitches Allowed
  • Speakers are only presenting their passion. Teaching and sharing ideas.
  • #ilovewichita
  • Presenters are the everyday, passionate individuals that are defining Wichita.

Look for event date to come soon.


More programming to be announced soon.  Please keep an eye and an ear open.