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Rawwwr! Cougar at Roxy’s Downtown rediscovers femininity and sexuality

john hammerComment
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By Grayson Barnes

WICHITA - Cougar the Musical had its Midwest debut on June 19 at Roxy’s Downtown in Wichita and runs through July 18. It is a fairly young show in the musical scheme of things, having opened Off-Broadway in August 2012. The book and lyrics are by Donna Moore, who was also responsible for a portion of the music.

The name of the musical promises the older-woman-in-search-of-younger-prey storyline, but the tale is more nuanced. Cougar is a series of vignettes about the changes in the lives of three women over 40. Their stories are loosely pinned like lengths of ribbon to a central place – a “cougar” club – and to a person – the club’s owner – Mary-Marie. Mary-Marie opened her business to cash in on the older female crowd, ensuring them an ample supply of …